About Us

Kırkınca Story

The Kırkınca Hotel is located in the authentic wine village of Sirince, located 350 meters above sea level in the Kayserkaya mountains. It is here, far from the chaos of the city, that you will witness the peaceful and relaxing miracle that only nature can create.

Our unique luxury accommodations opened in 2000 and are located in fully renovated Greek homes that are 150 to 250 years old. We offer accommodations in the Sirince village as well as village houses in the mountain pine forest.  Either choice promises to give you the perfect vacation with a ‘home away from home’ experience.

Only second to the charm of Sirince itself, we at Kırkınca Hotel are proud to provide the best service, smiling faces, and the warmth of friendship. Now that you have experienced Turkish hospitality, we want to share with you our “Kırkınca Hospitality”!